High hairline hair transplant

High hairline hair transplant

Many of our female clients contact us for a hairline correction. With a hair transplant, it is possible to lower the hairline. The hairline of female clients is very variable. In the best case, the hairline sits approx. 5 – 6 cm above the eyebrows. In fact, many women have higher hairline than usual.

As a rule, the hairline becomes fixed with puberty and no longer changes. Up to puberty, the density of the hair forms at the base, this only changes in rare cases due to hormonal diseases or chemotherapy.

Many women are also so unhappy about the position of their hairline that haircuts are adjusted to high foreheads and fringes are cut. To cover the High Forehead.

Of course, hair structure and angle of hair are important, not all hair types are suitable for French. Of course, other factors now also play a role in a high hair approach. Such as eyebrow lift or face lift play a big role in changing hair line in women.

Even if the proportions of eyebrows and hairline are harmonious, many women are not in harmony with their appearance in the mirror. In these cases, we also realize that a hair transplant to reduce the size of the forehead is a solution.

Methods In hair transplantation to reduce the size of the forehead

In the usual hair transplantation, the FUE technique is also used for removal when the hairline is lowered. With the FUE technique, all grafts (hair roots) are removed individually, and scarring is excluded.

All hair must be shaved to perform a hair transplant. No, cutting hair is a very sensitive subject for women. Only a small frame at the back of the head is cut to remove the grafts. In most cases, this frame is easy to conceal with the other hair.

After the removal, there are methods to insert the grafts. The first method is the Sapphire technique, in which the next channels are opened. Sapphire method is one of the safest and quick healing methods. The special thing about this technique is that the channels are opened with a special sapphire diamond. This is already used in eye surgery.

The other method is DHI technique. This is a special method of planting. No channels are opened here. The grafts are inserted directly into a CHOI pen. The CHOI Pen opens and inserts the grafts directly.

Your surgeon should decide which method is best for you.


hair growth direction

Why is it important to match the direction of hair growth to natural hair? Hair growth direction should be adjusted to natural hair during hair transplantation. For a natural look after hair transplantation, it is important that the surgeon determines the direction of hair growth well. The operating person should have very good experience in the field of female hair transplantation.



The result after a hair transplant to move the hairline is 12 months. The healing time is 10 days like a normal hair transplant.

For clients who are interested in hair transplantation to relocate the hairline, they should inform themselves well about the clinic.

It is important to ask for pictures beforehand and to obtain the experience of the operator. For a perfect result, the focus should be on the quality of the work, not the cost.


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