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Hair Transplant without Shaving

The only permanent Solution for your Hair loss is a Hair transplant.

Hair Transplant without Shaving

The FUE Transplant without shaving is recommended to correct a minor alopecia (tonsure, temples, or front hair line). This recent technique allows the extraction of Grafts without shaving the scalp. This allows for an almost immediate resume to socio-professional activities.

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Hair Transplant without Shaving Procedure

Extraction grafts from the donor area
Implantation of grafts without shaving the surgical area

No-shave FUE hair transplant: a discreet and effective solution

No-shave FUE hair transplant is a hair transplant technique that does not require shaving the donor area. This option is attractive for patients who want to preserve the appearance of their scalp during recovery.

A non-invasive technique
FUE is a non-invasive technique, meaning that it does not require large incisions. The graft extraction is performed using a micro-punch, a small surgical tool that removes the grafts from follicular units.

Natural results
The transplanted grafts are natural hair, which ensures natural results. The density and direction of growth of the transplanted hair are identical to those of natural hair.

A quick recovery
Recovery after a no-shave FUE hair transplant is generally quick. Patients can usually resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.


  • Discretion: no need to shave the donor area
  • Efficiency: natural results
  • Quick resumption of daily activities


  • Not suitable for all patients

No-shave FUE hair transplant is an effective solution for patients who want to regain a dense and natural hair. However, it is important to consult with a specialized surgeon before making a decision.


Adonis med

Hair Transplant without Shaving

The only permanent Solution for your Baldness is a Hair transplant


Hair Transplant



Hair Transplant



Hair Transplant


Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow alopecia is a common condition that affects men and women. There are many potential causes for a receding eyebrow: repeated eyebrow waxing, anemia, hyperthyroidism, aging, scarring, burning. Nowadays, eyebrow transplants are the most effective way to avoid eyebrow loss. The results are natural and permanent.

Body Hair Transplant

If you’re thinking about a hair transplant but aren’t sure if the back of your head is a potential donor are, you might be looking for a technique that will save you from your baldness. Body hair transplant (BHT) is the extraction of follicular units from areas of the body other than the back of the head.

Hair is a sign of good health and we bring it back to your life!

To help you to form an Opinion about us, you can look at some of the results from our previous patients. We enabled our patients to regain their self-confidence back with a hair treatment for their unique needs.
Your new hair will stay with you for a lifetime, thus it’s important to give your hair the consideration it deserves.

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