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Afro Hair Transplant

The only permanent solution for your hair loss is a Hair Transplant.

Afro Hair Transplant Surgery

Frizzy hair, also known as Afro hair, has certain characteristics that distinguish it from wavy or straight hair. They have 20% lower density than other hair typs; they grow slower; the lenght of the hair in the telogen phase is structurally higher; and they are very dry by nature, which makes them more brittle and vulnerable.
When it is too advanced or irreversible, hair transplant is a permanent solution to avoid the hair loss problem on a aesthetic level.

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Afro Hair Transplant Procedure

Extraction of the Grafts with the FUE technique
Storage of the Grafts in a special nutrition-rich liquid
Channel opening with the Sapphire method, and one by one implanting

A specially developed technique.

Afro hair transplant is more complex than other hair transplants. This is due to the fact that afro hair is curled from the roots. This can make it difficult to extract the curly Grafts without destroying them individually. This is why it is important to have an surgeon, who has experience with curly Grafts. It is important to note that this should not make patients with afro Hair feel disheartened as it is still possible to have a successful hair transplant. It is certainly a more complex process, but this doesn’t make it impossible.
We are always using the FUE technique to perform the hair extraction from the back side of the Head, which is the donation area. As Adonis we never use the old fashioned strip technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation). This is because the extraction of individual grafts creates a more concealed result compared to removing a strip of skin. Whatever the reason is, you deserve to have hair that makes you feel attractive and self confident.

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Hair Transplant Techniques

The only permanent Solution for your Baldness is a Hair transplant


Hair Transplant



Hair Transplant



Hair Transplant


Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow alopecia is a common condition that affects men and women. There are many potential causes for a receding eyebrow: repeated eyebrow waxing, anemia, hyperthyroidism, aging, scarring, burning. Nowadays, eyebrow transplants are the most effective way to avoid eyebrow loss. The results are natural and permanent.

Body Hair Transplantation

If you’re thinking about a hair transplant but aren’t sure if the back of your head is a potential donor are, you might be looking for a technique that will save you from your baldness. Body hair transplant (BHT) is the extraction of follicular units from areas of the body other than the back of the head.

Hair is a sign of good health and we bring it back to your life!

The before and after results of a hair transplant for women are spectacular. Thanks to our innovative methods and expertise, we deliver results that exceed your expectations.
Take a look at the before and after pictures of our female patients after their hair transplants. Perfection and quality is not a coincedence!
Your new hair will stay with you for a lifetime, thus it’s important to give your hair the consideration it deserves.

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Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. The feedback from our patients about their hair transplants is authentic. We want to enable you to do more than just restore your hair growth.
Many of our patients report how the quality of their life has changed after their hair transplant.
It fills us with pride to see that we can’t only fill in the bald areas, also we can reduce significant hair loss.

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