Anatomic Hair Transplant

The guideline of Anatomic hair transplant will help you to find your most natural look.

Discover the Anatomic Hair Transplant, a Revolution In Hair Transplant

Anatomic Hair Transplant is a revolutionary invention. It is an exclusive technique developed by Adonis that creates a natural hair line specific to every face shape.


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Personalized hair diagnosis is important in defining the patient’s needs.

● the determination of the elasticity of the skin
● Measurement of hair density in the different intervention areas
● using a micro camera to analyse the quality of the grafts


A prior check of the grafts to see the density per square centimeter of the donor area. As well as the donor area the receiving area has to be checked as well. It is important for balanced implantation.

Identification of the hair in the telogen phase (end of life) to anticipate a future fall and target the areas of implantation to establish the best strategy and the plan of implantation.

Hair transplants consist of redistributing existing hair from the donor area (which is your reserve and which does not regenerate after extraction) on a receiving area impacted by baldness.

Specially for You.

There are several factors that allow us to determine the anatomy of the hair transplant adapted to the patient and fixed by our hair transplant specialist.

Know-how developed to guarantee a good result while based on 4 important criteria:

● Patient expectations
● The stage of alopecia
● The characteristic of the hair
● The capacity of the donor area

It is important that the patient and surgeon agree on achievable goals to maintain good health after a hair transplant.


Suitable for all hair types
including yours!

The FUE technique is the main point of a hair transplant! The extraction of the Grafts with the FUE technique is the most modern and most effective technique which is up to date as well. To perform this technique will ensure a natural result.
The benefits of a hair transplant with the FUE technique is that the donation area will be still aeasthetically intact. One of the main benefits are also that the grafts are extracted unharmed. To perform the FUE technique, a high precision microimotor is used with a hollow needle.

Hair Transplantation
Hair transplant surgeries has been used since the 1950s to correct alopecia. There are several solutions available to normalize hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Sometimes, alopecia may be too advanced or even irreversible, and treatment may be ineffective. In these cases, hair transplant can be a natural solution.
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Hair Transplant for Women
To do a hair transplant as a woman, the patient will receive more density with a beautiful, natural-looking hairline. At last, you can give yourself the look you’ve been dreaming of.
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Hair is a sign of good health and we bring it back to life!

To help you make up your mind, take a look at some of the results from previous patients here. We helped them get their self-confidence back with a hair treatment tailored to meet their unique needs.

Your new hair will stay with you for a lifetime, thus it’s important to give your hair the consideration it deserves.

The FUE hair transplant before and after results show captivatingly natural donor areas.

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Many of our patients report how the quality of their life has changed after their hair transplant.
It fills us with pride to see that we can’t only fill in the bald areas, also we can reduce significant hair loss.

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