Results after Hair transplant for Women

Before and after results after hair transplantation in women

After the difficult decision for or against a hair transplant, major research begins.

Most often the reason for hair transplantation in women is too high forehead or receding hairline.

Questions about a hair transplant are often the same. What is the cost of a hair transplant? What are the methods of hair transplantation? How long does the healing take? Where is the best hair transplant clinic?

In this blog we summarize all important points for you.

The first question to ask is: What is the cost of a hair transplant? The cost of a hair transplant is made up of many factors. However, costs should not be a reason to decide for or against the clinic. High quality work has its price.

If we should come to the methods of hair transplantation, there is also a lot to read here.

First and foremost, there is a difference between methods of removal and planting.

There are 3 methods of extraction methods. The first method is the first method in hair transplantation. The FUT method. The newest method and most common is the FUE method. Another new method, which is not so well known, is the manual method.

There are 2 different methods of implantation. The first method is one of the newest methods of channel opening in hair transplantation. The Sapphire method is the newest method at present. The characteristic is that the wound healing is fast.

One of the newest methods is also the DHI method. With the DHI method, no channels are opened. The hair grafts are inserted into the special CHOI pen, and with one hand grip, the hair grafts are inserted into the designated place.

Unfortunately, the subject of hair transplantation is very taboo for women. However, should be spoken freely. Many customers do not want to be shown in public on before and after photos.

This also influences other clients who are afraid to go through with a hair transplant.

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