Failed Hair Transplant Surgery

Failed Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation is a very serious decision. This is one of the biggest concerns of people who want to have hair transplantation in decision making and is resulting in bad hair transplants. After deciding on hair transplantation, you should also decide which method you want to have hair transplantation with the clinic. These methods FUE ve DHI method.

What Are The Causes Of Failed Hair Transplantation?

One of the most important factors determining the quality of clinics is the number of daily surgeries. The most obvious example of this is the number of daily surgeries that are the first of the reasons for failed hair transplantation. According to the number of daily operations, the number of equipment used must be of the same value. The main reason for this is that the material used is used in another surgery without being sterilized. This is a false case. In such cases, undesirable situations arise. The sheer number and quality of the material used to prevent this are very important. The disposable ones of the substances used should be destroyed after the operation and the substances used continuously should be cleaned at high temperature and in sterile machines and controlled after cleaning. The quality of the materials used continuously is very important. One of the most important materials recommended for use is the pencil tip diamond tip.

Hair Transplantation For People Who Are Not Suitable For Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation brings with it more successful results in line with the development of technology and experience gained over the years and thus the demand for hair transplantation is increasing every day. However, just because your hair is lost does not mean that you are suitable for hair transplantation. There are certain criteria for those who want to have hair transplantation. At the beginning of these, there is enough hair in the shape of the head that we call the donor area. Because the hair to be taken for transplantation is taken from the nape of the head. If you do not have any infectious disease, such as Hepatitis-C or HIV, or hemophilia (bleeding disorder), then there is no harm in having hair transplantation. Anyone with a donor area suitable is eligible to have hair transplantation. Most clinics make promises that will make the patient happy in such cases, but the negative results that result from this are a great loss for the patient, but they affect the people who want to have hair transplantation in the sector.

Insufficient attention and care after hair transplantation

Hair transplant surgery is done after the patient’s transplantation in the process of Strictly checks should be done.In patients coming from abroad, this procedure takes place with 7 to 10 day photos.The operations of the patients performed on the first day of the hair is not finished until the desired appearance.One of the main reasons for this is related to the clinic’s own principles and patient health.Hair transplantation is done in this case bleeding, itching, sweating and such conditions will be. In such cases, it will be a very difficult process for the patients to find an addressee in the clinics.In such factors, it is important for patients to explain and apply the methods that should be applied to them in terms of patient health.Hair transplantation is one of the biggest factors in the occurrence of unintended results.

Inexperienced Doctor

The hair transplantation market in Turkey is located in a large area throughout the world.The main reasons for this are price and quality.In Turkey, you can find clinics that are very experienced and do good work in the field of hair transplantation.However, there are many people and institutions that are not clinical and have no experience of hair transplantation.Patients who decided to have a hair transplant and information structures have to have much research on this subject.Hair transplant hair transplantation is a clique by asking the following questions to the doctor and you decide be able to gain confidence with the answers you may receive more detailed information you can earn.

 How many years of experience does a hair transplant doctor have?
 Whether this doctor underwent surgery during hair transplantation
 If the hair transplant staff does not have a fixed staffmi or daily staffmi
 Because hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, the quality and image of the place where the procedure will be performed
 How many surgeries have been performed in total and how many negative results have emerged
 How many complaints there are in the complaint pages
 To promise you things you do not demand or know.

These substances are generally found in poor quality clinics, but they are not housed in the process of hair transplantation due to the resulting substance

Unsafe Hair transplantation Centers That Make False Promises

Many clinics answer yes about hair transplantation even if you are not fit for hair transplantation. The response we get from most of the patients who have been clinically admitted to us and are not eligible for hair transplantation is “The other clinic said they would, but you say I am not eligible for hair transplantation.”. The main reasons for this are insufficient donor space, hair transplantation is not appropriate for the health of the person or the current hair will continue to fall out in the later period, such as situations are taken into consideration.AdonisMed strives for patients to regain their health and self-confidence with their hair first. For this reason, people who are not suitable for hair transplantation are not suitable for this process by saying that they believe that the planting can not be done. In these cases, the personal self-confidence of the patients who have had hair transplantation and who get worse subjects is completely destroyed and this affects the mood of the patient a great deal. We do not make them happier by making unnecessary promises not to come to such a situation clinically and to keep patients from losing their old appearance.

Total surgery and success rate

The biggest reason why there are countless clinics in Istanbul is that the market for hair transplantation is the largest in the world. However, the first place that comes to mind for patients who want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul. The biggest reason is the possibilities and price ratios offered. You can get your natural-looking hair back at more affordable prices compared to other country prices. To understand the quality of a clique, as mentioned in the title, it is the survival rate and the number of daily surgeries. Although the preference of many patients makes us happy clinically, it is upsetting in the surgeries that result negatively. The main reasons for this are more operations than usual daily and inappropriate environment. Although it is deemed appropriate for one clique to perform a maximum of 3-4 operations per day, most clinics do not comply with this and perform operations in areas outside the standards.

In such cases, patients can not get the appearance they want and may have health problems. Some 20% of the applicants to our clique are people who want to have the correction process done again because they cannot get the look they want. This situation is regrettable, but it costs more to the patients who come. It is of course possible to avoid this, when you give up hair transplantation, make sure that the characteristics we count for the clinic that will perform this operation, otherwise sad images, and more costs will be inevitable.

No negative results have been seen in the surgeries we have performed to this day. Because we fully comply with the rules of a clique that we provide to you in terms of ingredients, and we do not break any of these rules. At AdonisMed, our greatest advice is to choose the clinics that you can always find in this direction and not the prices that you give until hair transplantation.

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