What is the cost of the surgery

What is the cost of the surgery?

Since hair transplantation has become a trade in our country, it is possible to encounter very different prices. The most important factor affecting hair transplanting prices; is the experience of the team that makes hair transplants. If the results of the surgeries are good, the satisfied patients are directed to this center. For this reason, prices are higher than inexperienced teams. Another factor that affects the price of hair plantation; the quality of the hospital and materials used in hair transplantation.

If the number of daily operations performed at hair transplantation centers reaches twenty in ten, these centers are suitable for the prices. Because these centers earn from the version. However, it is a procedure that should be decided by looking at the results without careful and careful prices. Nowadays most hair is planted with the FUE method. The process is based on the assumption that the words A +, B +, or the like are introduced.

The roots are removed one by one and transported. The price of FUE hair transplant is cheaper than manual graft extraction. Because the manual graft extraction method takes much longer than the FUE method. Again DHI method is based on the FUE method is done by removing hair roots. But the DHI method is a more expensive method of hair transplantation than the FUE method. When looking at the whole, hair transplant prices vary according to hospital, the method used, and employee team. Each center has its own price policy.

Since the past years, there has been a significant improvement in the field of hair transplantation.The method used and the developing technology are important elements of this awareness. The factors affecting hair transplantation are usually the same for each clinic.In some cases, the area of hair transplantation has become unsafe because of the lack of price ads and services offered in social and advertising environments.

In this article we have prepared the price elements of hair transplantation as ingredients.

1) Certainly hair transplant operations a doctor is required.
2) Before hair transplantation operation, blood tests should be done to patients and drug treatment should be provided as a result of these tests.
3) Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the hair follicles are removed from the scalp and the scalp is removed.
4) The materials used should be used according to the method of hair transplantation operation. (Such as diamond tip and micro motor for FUE, choi pens for DHI.)
5) Since it is a surgical procedure, it should be a sterile and fully equipped hospital environment.

FUE Hair Transplantation Costs

One of the main methods used for hair transplantation in today’s technology FUE Method.Fue hair transplantation method is a method of removing hair from the neck between two ears by micro-Motor. There are no scars on your neck after this procedure. Micro-Motor is used in the removal phase of hair follicles. The special ends of the micro-motor, called Punch, vary from person to person. The thickness of the Punch ranges from 0.6-0.9 mm. The thickness of the punches is chosen according to the size of the person’s hair root. The Punch attached to the tip of the micro-Motor cuts around the hair follicles and this is again collected with a special clamp (a tool that looks like tweezers). The collected hair roots are put into a special water count. The number of hair follicles taken depends on the area of the nape and the opening. The advantage of the fue method compared to other methods is that there is no trace of the uptake stage in the nape. After the first ten days the area connecting the Shell will have a natural appearance as if no action has been taken.Operations in this process take a maximum of 4 to 6 hours. FUE method is preferred by our hair transplantation clinic and costs are determined according to the patient’s hair analysis. Looking at the Turkish market, this transaction is between 2000 Euro and 2500 Euro.

 DHI Hair Transplantation Costs

Another method of hair transplantation is the DHI method.DHI (direct hair transplantation) is the technique of planting hair with a special pen called Choi after the hair is taken from the nape. Besides having many advantages, it is one of the most popular methods recently. In the DHI method, channels do not need to be opened in advance to the area where the hair will be planted. The hair is placed in a special pen called Choi and the hair is planted without the need to open the channel. That way, the hair stays out for a shorter period of time. Because in other processes, the hair is kept in special water for an average of 2-4 hours, while in DHI method, the hair is planted directly in the area of baldness without waiting at all after being taken. Another factor is the lack of scars and the quick healing of your wounds. The scalp goes through only one procedure instead of two. This method of hair transplantation permit to implant the graft directly. 

Less treatment to the scalp also plays a big role in the quick healing of wounds. Another advantage is that it is possible to have a frequent transplantation. It provides a great advantage especially for the front hairline to be done frequently and to get a natural look. Unlike FUE hair transplantation, this procedure is performed manually, as is the fue method, and is determined according to the patient’s fitness analysis. When we look at the Turkish market, DHI hair transplantation method varies between 2500 Euro and 3500 euro.


Besides The Cost

In addition to the costs of hair transplantation in our country, we have often performed the correction process of our patients who are victims of the price of hair transplantation and who have obtained distressing results in this direction. However, this situation is sad, but the budget for people who have given up until hair transplantation says more budget expenditures. The main reasons for such negative results are untrained personnel and hair transplantation in environments that are not suitable for hair transplantation.Self-introducing into clinical and hospital and clinics that perform hair transplantation in this direction by making promises to the people born in poor results and dissatisfaction is to stay behind.This is a very sad situation for our clinic.


After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation has been done and after the necessary controls sent back to the country of the patients are not actually finished operations.It is a known fact that the patient continues to have the appearance of the planted hair until it shrivels. Most clinics run interpreters for only one day as they think the patient day is necessary.And when that happens, when the patient returns to his country, he doesn’t have the answers to what he wants to ask.In general, most clinics do not employ country representative personnel to keep their costs low and increase their earnings..In a negative situation that may arise otherwise, it will be very difficult for patients to find someone who speaks their own language and can be understood.In such adverse situations, the patient may have a hemorrhage or a different condition that needs to be intervened quickly. We have a representative of each country that we work intensely with as the Adonis Hair Transplant. In this way, patients can reach our representatives at any time and find a quick answer to what they want to ask the doctor or what they want to ask themselves.

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