PRP Treatment

The PRP Treatment helps to regenerate the cells. This Treatment is suitable for Patients with thinning Hair without bald spots.

PRP Treatment

You can meet your desire for thick and healthy hair with the PRP treatment. Our experts support you with the PRP Treatment to improve the results of your hair.
The PRP treatment is a low risk therapy to avoid hair loss. The PRP is prepared with our own blood(Platelet Rich Plasma). After taking quick blood sample, the blood is rotated in the centrifuge until the red blood platelets separate from the white ones. The last step of a PRP Treatment is to injected the serum on the thinning hair spots.


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PRP Treatment Procedure

Taking a small amount of Blood sample
Rotating in the centrifuge until the white and red blood plates are separated
Activation of the PRP
İnjecting the PRP serum on the thinning spots

Your Hair Transplantation im combination with a PRP Treatment

Our body has the best nutrions to heal various diseases. The way our body works is simply. The active ingredients are isolating for specific purposes, to make them usable. PRP treatment is a substitute for a hair transplant when the hair is thining but there is not a visible baldness. This therapy allows the use of the plasma rich platelets in the areas where the hair is thinning out.

This plasma is highly concentrated in the blood proteins and platelets, and thus is the base for a cellular regeneration.

Hair Transplantation
Hair transplant surgeries has been used since the 1950s to correct alopecia. There are several solutions available to normalize hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Sometimes, alopecia may be too advanced or even irreversible, and treatment may be ineffective. In these cases, hair transplant can be a natural solution.
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Hair Transplant for Women
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Hair is a sign of good health and we bring it back to your life!

To help you to form an Opinion about us, you can look at some of the results from our previous patients. We enabled our patients to regain their self-confidence back with a hair treatment for their unique needs.
Your new hair will stay with you for a lifetime, thus it’s important to give your hair the consideration it deserves.

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Many of our patients report how the quality of their life has changed after their hair transplant.
It fills us with pride to see that we can’t only fill in the bald areas, also we can reduce significant hair loss.

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