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Hair Transplantation

Adonis using FUE technique, The most advanced technology in hair transplant.


Beard transplant is a correction procedure and a reconstruction of your beard.

Eyebrow transplant

For eyebrows. We can help to build on a thinning eyebrow.


With Adonis, the hair of the mustache can be restored easily.

Burn scars

With the FUE technology, it is possible to cover the burn scars with a Hair Transplant.

Wounds sopts

Transplant on the scars and wounds is possible with FUE technology.

Hair Transplant

Hair loss, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to a loss of hair from part of the head or body. Typically at least the head is involved.


Successful operations


Operating hours





Diamond package

5 Star Hotel
Operation cost
private transportation
Medicine Cost
2X Special care products

Gold package

4 Star Hotel
Operation cost
private transportation
Medicine Cost
Special care products

Silver package

3 Star Hotel
Operation cost
private transportation
Medicine Cost
Special care products

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Enjoy a discount up to 25% twice a year, including accommodation, transportation, medicines, etc.

Arrive-for_hait transplant

First Day 

Arrival day

Adonis Hair Trans offer you a driver to accompany you the whole day and to bring you to the hotel

If you need another language, our team is ready to help speak in your tongue. On the first day you can enjoy your time and relax.

Second Day  

Hair transplantation day 

The second day is the day of the Hair transplant. After being consulted from the doctor, and once you are ready, the team starts the preparation for the hair transplant.

We also offer you a translator that speaks your language, during and after the operation.

Third Day

Day of the Departure

It’s the control day. The doctor will check the area of treatment, and then the driver will bring you to the airport.

Then, we keep always in touch to answer your questions and follow up your hair.

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