Why is the growth of transplanted hair at the vertex slower than that in the frontal region?

The growth of transplanted hair is a complex process that can vary depending on the implantation area. One of the most notable differences is between the vertex, located at the top of the head, and the frontal region. To understand this disparity, let’s take a closer look at the anatomical and physiological factors that influence the growth of transplanted hair in these specific areas.

Anatomy and physiology of the scalp:

The difference in growth between the vertex and the frontal region is largely influenced by the anatomy and physiology of the scalp. At the vertex, the density of hair follicles is often lower and vascularization more limited compared to the frontal region. These conditions reduce the supply of nutrients to the transplanted follicles, delaying their growth. In contrast, the frontal region generally benefits from better vascularization and higher follicular density, promoting faster growth of grafts.


In addition to anatomy and physiology, other factors such as the healing process and the depth of implantation play a role in the growth of transplanted hair. At the vertex, slower healing and shallower implantation can prolong the dormancy period of transplanted follicles. Understanding these nuances is essential to manage patient expectations and achieve the best possible results from hair transplantation.

Expertise in vertex implantation for satisfactory results:

En Adonis, implementamos una experiencia avanzada en la implantación del vértex. Nuestro enfoque especializado integra una comprensión profunda de la anatomía y fisiología del cuero cabelludo, así como técnicas de implantación precisas basadas en principios científicos. Gracias a nuestro conocimiento, obtenemos resultados satisfactorios en el trasplante capilar, ofreciendo a nuestros pacientes un crecimiento natural y armonioso del cabello.


The growth of transplanted hair at the vertex is influenced by various anatomical and physiological factors. Understanding these nuances is crucial to achieve satisfactory results and meet patient expectations. At Adonis, our expertise in vertex implantation allows us to adapt our techniques to offer our patients an effective and natural solution to hair loss.