How to determine the quality of a clinic?

How to determine the quality of a clinic?

Since hair transplantation has become a trade in our country, it is possible to encounter very different prices. As the Adonis Hair Transplant Center, we perform all our operations as a fully equipped and award-winning Hospital. It is important for us, the operating environment is sterile and suitable for surgery as it should be for the health of the patient..We carry out our surgeries with this awareness in mind. In general, in the Turkish market, hair transplantation operations are performed in areas designed by the companies for more affordable costs rather than in fully equipped hospitals or clinics, and even in areas that do not have surgery permits. These conditions will bring more serious health problems as well as the health of the patient’s hair. All materials used and not sterilized in high degrees create negative effects on patient health has been observed. The Academic Hospital, where we performed our operations, is completely cleaned and sterilized by the cleaning personnel before and after the surgery. However, our personnel shows the necessary diligence by keeping all materials and materials in their sterile locker during the morning and evening of each day after the operation.

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Academic Hospital continues to rise higher in the healthcare sector with its strong, professional, well-rooted, and distinctive academic staff. As the Academic Hospital Family, while giving world-class healthcare services, we aim to provide medical diagnosis and treatment options to our patients at the highest level made possible by technology; making use of our professional and scientific staff as well as our modern equipment and infrastructure. Academic Hospital has been actively functional since 1997. Our employees have embraced our hospital and will continue to generate healthcare services with numerous new investments for years to come, adopting a quality, caring, and most importantly, ethical approach to healthcare.

There are over 60 academic faculty members, each valuable in their own way, serving in various fields and sub-fields. In addition to this vast academic faculty staff, there are 29 specialist doctors from various branches, proven in their fields and serving in our establishment for years. In addition to our medical staff, our hospital has been employing 300 personnel, most of who have been employed for over a decade. Our most outstanding attribute is to provide and ensure an employee structure that works as a team, does not have a high turn-over rate and is long-lasting.

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