DHI Method in Hair Transplantation

DHI Method in Hair Transplantation

DHI hair transplantation technique, differently from the FUE hair transplantation technique is slightly more appropriate in terms of opening and cultivation of the hair follicles. Grafts (hair follicles) as in the classical FUE technique are generally taken from the root of the nape (are very rarely it can be taken from beard or chest) and the hair is planted in the region. The technique of DHI hair transplantation is quite different from other techniques.

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The special technique which is used in DHI hair transplantation deal with more advanced technology than the techniques which are available nowadays. What this technique tend to bring firstly is to perform lifelong guaranteed hair transplantation without using a scalpel or suture and opening a hole in the scalp. By having the procedure done in one single session, it will be possible to have more natural-looking and very dense hair.

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The main difference in the application of the technique is the usage of an improved pen in the last few years. Grafts are taken with a surgical pen which rangs between 0.6 mm and 1 mm and they are transported without cleaning the scalp after opening and cleaning. This technique, which requires more attention, precision and effort than other methods, offers many advantages to hair transplant patients.

We Can See The Benefıts Of Dhı Haır Transplantatıon Technıques Mentıoned In Here:

 Thanks to the fine-tipped structure of the hair sowing pen, hair transplantation can be performed much more frequently and much faster.

 The direction of hair growth with the hair sowing pen can be determined as desired. And it is much more possible to give the hair a more natural look.

 Not being necessary to open channels in the area where the hair will be planted, the existing hair follicles this are not damaged in any way during transport.

 The fact that no holes are drilled in the area where hair transplantation is performed, there is a minimal risk of. In this way, the healing process becomes much shorter.

 The retention of the hair follicles sown is much higher.

 The new planted hair follicles start to grow faster. This is because the hair follicles are planted without waiting for the cell division to resume.

 No sutures and scalpels are used, so there will not be any visible scars remain after recovery is complete.

 There is little damage to the donor area where the hair intake is performed. Therefore, the recovery in this region will be faster.

 The hairline and frequency on the forehead can be planned as it should be and a very natural look can be achieved.

 Local anesthesia is applied in DHI hair transplantation technique to eliminate the sensation of pain.

 The patient can go back to his daily routine after the surgery without any problem.

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